Real Estate & Downtown Housing

We are not developing housing, we are developing a stronger market place for housing.

The Greater Downtown Housing effort is a keystone in the rebirth of Downtown Dayton.  As each residential unit is completed and the downtown neighborhood grows, the City becomes more economically sustainable. Urban living has become the foundation of the live, learn, work, play, create formula for the New Downtown.

By focusing on urban lifestyle principles of authenticity, density, diversity, walkability and connectivity with sound design that integrates placemaking, Dayton continues to see more vibrant, activated streets emerge downtown.

The City of Dayton has also identified specific challenges that can hinder development and are continuing to make civic investments and leveraging private efforts to facilitate revitalization. CityWide’s focus is the Downtown Housing Initiative. By working with our partners and identifying current market conditions while seeking new creative sources of funding, we are taking the steps necessary to strengthen the marketplace and help shape projects that will advance the New Downtown.

Downtown Housing Charge: Increase the number of Housing Units in the Greater Downtown Dayton area, 2,500 additional housing units by 2020, and focus on vacant buildings that line Main Street.

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