Lending & Development Finance

Supporting community driven initiatives through Lending & Development Financial Programs

CityWide provides business loans, incentive financing and solutions to businesses and development projects that encourage the vitality of the region. Our diverse financing tools are designed to complement private sector lenders and investors while offering possible solutions for many project sizes and businesses.

SBA Business Lending

CityWide affiliate, CityWide Small Business Development Corporation offers lending to businesses in the Dayton Region.

Community Development Entity

CityWide affiliate, Dayton Region New Market Fund, LLC, holds the U.S. Treasury Department’s designation as a Community Development Entity (CDE). This designation allows Dayton Region to apply to the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institution Fund to receive a New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation.

Community Development Financial Institution

CityWide affiliate, Dayton Region New Market Fund, LLC, also holds the U.S. Treasury Department’s certification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). A CDFI is a financial institution that has a primary mission of community development, serves a target market, provides development services, remains accountable to its community, and is a non-governmental entity.

Source Water Protection Lending

The Source Water Protection Fund is a unique source of financing for approved projects as defined by the City of Dayton Source Water Protection Fund Board. Through CityWide, businesses located in the Source Water Protection Area can do what is both right for the environment, but also what is needed to protect Dayton’s drinking water source.