CityWide’s SBA 504 loan program provides fixed rate financing for fixed assets to businesses throughout the Dayton Region.


Eligible Businesses

  • Business must be for-profit
  • Net worth of business must not typically exceed $15,000,000
  • Previous two-year average after tax profits must not typically exceed $5,000,000 or size standards based on industry classification


Eligible Loan Uses

  • Real estate acquisition
  • New construction
  • Renovation of existing buildings
  • Machinery and equipment acquisition
  • Project related soft costs
  • Refinance of commercial real estate loans


The Benefits

  • Long-term financing, up to 25 years
  • 2nd Mortgage subordinate debt
  • Equity injection as low as 10%
  • Fixed, low interest rate
  • Fully assumable
  • Guarantee fees lower than SBA 7(a) program on average


Typical Gap Financing Loan Structure

  • 50% bank or other private lender
  • 40% CityWide SBA 504 Loan
  • 10% owner’s equity injection


Maximum Loan Amount

  • Up to $5,000,000; $5,500,000 if manufacturer
  • $75,000 of SBA 504 loan dollars per job created or retained
  • $125,000 of SBA 504 loan dollars per job created or retained by small manufacturers



  • Rates are fixed for the full term of the loan



  • $500 application fee
  • SBA 504 fees, approximately 2.25% of loan amount plus underwriting fee, are financed over the term of the loan
  • Deposit due upon acceptance of loan commitment to cover out-of-pocket closing costs – i.e. legal, title, recording, etc.