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About Wright Dunbar:

In December, the City of Dayton, CityWide, and Wright-Dunbar Inc. announced the formation of the community’s newest asset-based community collaboration that will focus on advancing the improving the Greater Wright-Dunbar area in West Dayton. The new collaboration recognizes the need to apply the best 21st century community development practices of building and strengthening partnerships to maximize leveraged investment and create economic and community sustainability.

CityWide’s initial work plan, created by the Wright-Dunbar Board of Trustees, focuses on five key areas:

  • Management of Real Estate Holdings
  • Creating redevelopment plans for key properties including working with developers and structuring financing to complete building renovations.
  • Working with a realtor to effectively market certain Wright-Dunbar holdings to development partners who have clear business plans and the ability to secure financing.
  • Building stronger relationships with the residential community surrounding the business district.
  • Building strategic partnership to bring more investment and interest in the community.

Erica Hubler of CityWide’s community development team will be on site at Wright-Dunbar daily from 8:00 a.m. – Noon.