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DaVinci Project

About the DaVinci Project:

In 2011, through the leadership of the DaVinci Partners, CityWide was engaged to develop a comprehensive community development plan to improve the Old North Dayton and McCook Field neighborhoods. The adopted work plan for community improvement focuses on target investment zones including: strategic acquisition and demolition of blighted structures; community organizing to developing stronger relationships with residents and business owners; creation of a navigation plan to improve traffic circulation in and out of the area; and the redesign and beautification of Valley Street including the addition of a Children’s garden.

Key Projects

  • DaVinci DIY Paint and Home Repair. In 2014 a new program was piloted to assist homeowners. The program was launched to assist residents of McCook Field and Old North Dayton in making necessary repairs to the exterior of their homes. The program which was launched in May was able to assist eleven families. Additional funding has been received to continue this program in 2015.
  • Redevelopment- The Point (Valley and Keowee Streets).
    Through the DaVinci project an important intersection in Old North Dayton saw some major changes in the fall of 2014. The Point, the intersection of Valley and Keowee Street had become an area of blight with many large buildings in disrepair. Through the collaboration of the DaVinci investors, the buildings were acquired and demolished making way for a road realignment project and the expansion of Flood Memorial Park to create a greater connection to the Mad River Recreation Trail.
  • DaVinci Children’s Garden: The Children’s Garden will be built on a one acre lot, owned by Dayton Children’s situated across from the hospital, and donated to the project for this use. This public amenity will be on health and wellness and provide a safe place for respite and play for neighborhood children and families utilizing hospital services. The project is currently in the design/development phase.
  • Wayfinding and Branding. Throguhout 2014 members of the business community, residents and area stakeholders met with wayfinding consultants Studio Graphique to plan how to better sign their neighborhoods and cfreate a local “brand”. The community unanimously adopted: Greater Old North Dayton: An International Community and selected a graphic representation of that them. Depicted below, the next phase of the project involves fundraisign for sign fabrication.