Businesses located in Dayton’s Source Water Protection Area may take advantage of an incentive program to reduce environmental risk of storing potentially hazardous materials on site.  Through CityWide, these businesses can help protect Dayton’s water resources by selling some, or all of their rights to store such material.


Risk Point Financial Value

The risk point financial value is based on the following scale:

% Reduction in Pounds Rate per Risk Point*
Less than 50% with 10,000 lb. minimum** $0.05
50 – 74 $0.10
75 – 89 $0.15
90 – 99 $0.25
100 (conforming) $0.50

*Risk Points are determined by multiplying the pounds to be reduced time the Facility Hazard    Potential Rating (FHPR).  Rate per Risk Point values are subject to change.

**Exceptions to the 50%/10,000 lb. minimum will be considered on a case by case basis.

***Risk Point Buy Downs are currently only available in the City of Dayton.



  • Business must be located in the designated Source Water Protection Area.


The Benefits

  • Financing for environmentally friendly operations
  • The opportunity to play a part in preserving Dayton’s valuable water resources



  • Five years – each year 20% of the loan balance is forgiven and does not require repayment provided all conditions are met



  • Use restriction and conservation easement



$100 application fee plus out-of-pocket closing costs – i.e. legal, title, recording, etc.