Dayton Region New Market Fund awards NMTC allocations for businesses, nonprofit organizations and commercial real estate projects in the Dayton region.  Our job is to identify the most impactful projects based upon our first-hand knowledge of the needs of the local communities.


Eligible Uses

  • Projects must meet identified needs including job creation, community facilities, health and wellness, education and manufacturing


Benefits to Borrowers

  • Access to financing that is flexible and affordable
  • Investment decisions are made at the community level
  • Terms can include lower interest rates, flexible provisions such as subordinated debt, lower origination fees, higher loan-to-values, lower debt coverage ratios and longer maturities


Benefits to Communities

  • The creation of jobs associated with these investments
  • Greater access to community facilities and commercial goods and services
  • Communities become more attractive to investors, spurring further investments and revitalization

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