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The Choice Neighborhood program builds on the successful groundwork of the HOPE VI program authorized during the Bush Administration. HOPE VI gave housing authorities the opportunity to engage residents in the active process of rebuilding their community through the creation of mixed income housing. It was an important step in creating economically diverse neighborhoods with more housing choices, moving away from the old paradigm which concentrated low income people in one area.


The evolution of Choice recognizes that rebuilding a community is more than replacing housing. The Choice Neighborhood model places an equal focus on the support services that allow people to lead productive, self-sufficient lives and the neighborhood amenities that are necessary to support a healthy family life, including good jobs, schools, churches, and parks.  The Choice program also elevates the role that citizens have in creating the Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan.


The Choice approach, focused on people, housing and neighborhood is in perfect alignment with the City of Dayton’s asset based development strategy and comprehensive approach to neighborhood revitalization. In 2016, the City, Greater Dayton Premier Management and CityWide submitted an application for a Choice Planning grant.  We were very proud of the local commitment organized for this effort which included 25 local partners and over $1M in committed financial investments.


A robust community organizing and planning process is currently underway in the five neighborhoods that make up our Choice Neighborhood area including: Pineview, Madden Hills, Lakeview, Miami Chapel, and Edgemont.