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About the Genesis Project:

The Genesis Project, a public-private partnership dedicated to bringing about a “new beginning” for one of Dayton’s oldest neighborhoods, began in 2000. The Fairgrounds Neighborhood is bordered by Stewart, Main, Wyoming and Brown Streets and is adjacent to Miami Valley Hospital, the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, and the University of Dayton. The project grew out of the Rubicon Park Master Plan, a vision to ensure the future success of the area.

The primary partners of the Genesis Project are the Miami Valley Hospital, the University of Dayton, the City of Dayton and CityWide Development Corporation. The overall goal of the project was is to improve the quality of life for residents and business owners in and around the Fairgrounds neighborhood and to stimulate increased economic activity along the Brown/Warren Corridor.

Genesis Strategies

  • Acquisition and demolition of sub-standard houses;
  • Renovation and new construction to create affordable homeownership opportunities.
  • Streetscape improvements including: new sidewalks, curbs and trees throughout theneighborhood.
  • Traffic improvements through a transportation plan, including improved parking accessibility for business customers.
  • CityWide financing for new and expanding businesses.
  • Community based policing, resident engagement and community activities.
  • Creation of civic green spaces including two small parks.
  • Providing two community-based police officers to enhance neighborhood safety. The partnership between the public and private entities involved in the Genesis Project has been so successful that the project earned the prestigious Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award from the National Community Development Association in 2004.