The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is a public-private partnership that is investing millions of dollars for redevelopment activities in the neighborhoods surrounding Good Samaritan Hospital. Primary partners are CityWide, the City of Dayton, Good Samaritan Hospital and the four surrounding neighborhoods: Fairview, Sunnyview-Catalpa Park, Dayton View Triangle, and College Hill.

The Master Plan for the Phoenix Project has five major objectives:

  1. Enhancing quality of life for area residents and provide social supports for families.
  2. Strengthening the civic infrastructure of the community.
  3. Preserving existing owner occupied housing and attracting new homeowners.
  4. Replacing substandard housing and provide new housing opportunities in the area.
  5. Stimulate the commercial and economic revitalization of Salem Avenue.

CityWide is responsible for fostering relationships and developing creative implementation strategies to bring this Master Plan to fruition. The City of Dayton and Good Samaritan have each pledged $7 million to these efforts, and project manager CityWide is providing a $1 million loan pool for secondary financing in the form of home improvement loans and commercial loans.

Initial efforts focused on neighborhood stability and engagement, as well as in removing slum and blight. Through community policing efforts, major crime has reduced nearly 50% since 2005.

The area also has three strong neighborhood associations whose residents are actively involved in the betterment of their communities. Through the Real Estate Acquisition Program (REAP), the Phoenix team has identified and begun legal action on parcels that are negatively impacting the neighborhood. Over 53 properties have been demolished, paving the way for new development which includes: the Salem and Catalpa Gateway, 33 new lease-purchase homes, and a new Dayton public elementary school.

Two incentive plans have also been established to encourage Good Samaritan Hospital employees and others to buy homes in the Phoenix Project area. In addition, the Phoenix Home Improvement Loan program is enabling existing homeowners to improve their homes through a low interest matching loan program.

Phoenix has also established partnerships with neighborhood groups, youth serving agencies and Dayton Public Schools in order to enhance the quality of life for the area’s youngsters. Each summer, a host of summer programs and activities are available to neighborhood children at nominal cost.

Through our partnership with the City’s Department of Recreation and Youth, we are working to expand the City’s outdoor aquatic complex with the addition of a spray park expected to open next summer. The city park, located just south of the new Dayton public school will become part of a new civic space for the community known as Fairview Commons. Our approach is to create a “campus-like” setting linking the new school, aquatics and park to offer learning, wellness and recreational activities in a safe, family friendly environment.

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