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The DaVinci Project

In the fall of 2011, through the leadership of the DaVinci Partners (Dayton Children’s Hospital, The Salvation Army, the City of Dayton, the Greater Old North Dayton Business Association and a private foundation) CityWide was engaged to develop a comprehensive community development plan to improve the Old North Dayton and McCook Field Neighborhoods.

The planning work revealed some important facts about the DaVinci area:

A formal report was presented to the DaVinci Investors group that suggested the neighborhoods could be revitalized and there were opportunities to leverage the investments committed to the area. In 2013, the original investors in the planning group formalized their commitment to the project and now meet monthly to discuss strategy and opportunities to improve the community.

The adopted work plan for the DaVinci  community improvement project includes: strategic acquisition and demolition of blighted structures; community organizing to developing stronger relationships with residents and business owners; creation of a navigation loop to improve traffic circulation; and the redesign and beautification of Valley Street including the addition of a Children’s Garden.

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