About Us

Since 1972, CityWide Development Corporation has played a part in transforming possibilities into reality for Dayton business owners and homeowners. Whether it’s a new or expanded business, a revitalized neighborhood or a re-energized downtown Dayton, CityWide was probably involved.

CityWide’s origins date back to a time when a major manufacturing decline was occurring. CityWide was created jointly by the city government, local business leaders and neighborhood representatives. The organization was charged with helping businesses create jobs and helping to strengthen the city’s neighborhoods.

Today, CityWide’s mission remains unchanged. With a variety of financial, consultative and educational services, the nonprofit agency provides assistance in several areas of investment including business, neighborhoods, entertainment and downtown housing, among others.

Over the past three decades, CityWide has helped hundreds of businesses expand, renovate or open in Dayton. In the process, thousands of jobs have been retained or created. CityWide has also participated in many programs and projects designed to strengthen Dayton’s neighborhoods. These have involved the financing of the construction of new homes, the renovation of older homes and general home improvements.

Our Mission

The Mission of CityWide Development Corporation is to provide leadership in the creation and implementation of strategies addressing the city’s need for economic growth and viable, attractive neighborhoods.