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Welcome to the CityWide web site

For over 40 years, CityWide Development has been Moving Dayton Forward.  This brand message reflects Citywide’s commitment to assisting Dayton businesses and neighborhoods with economic development support.  Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing one, CityWide is available to assist you with a wide range of financing options. CityWide provides financial services, including Direct Loans and SBA Loans, as well as access to venture capital, Neighborhood Business Assistance and state loan assistance programs.

In conjunction with the City of Dayton, CityWide plays a key role in the development of the City’s Economic Strategy.  Details of our city’s plan are outlined in CityPlan 20/20.

In addition, CityWide plays a critical role in the revitalization of neighborhoods throughout the City of Dayton.  Phoenix and Genesis are examples of public-private partnerships that led to the revitalization of downtown neighborhoods.  Our housing department provides assistance to residents through such programs as Mortgage Credit Counseling, Rehabilitation Loans and Down Payment Assistance.

Also, check out our interactive map.  It provides information about our region including our transportation systems, area universities, nearby airports, as well as the city’s incubators.

Take some time to review our web site and don’t forget to contact us with any suggestions.  We’re here to help Dayton Move Forward.

Steve Budd